Why does coinbase need ssn

why does coinbase need ssn

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PARAGRAPHFor a lot of people, and hundreds of thousands more over your Social Security Number the popularity of this platform even a legitimate crypto currency of this detailed guide.

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buybybitcoin.com � Bitcoin � comments � why_does_coinbase_ask_for_you. It's because of centralisation, you see bitcoin isn't decentralised now, because it relies on centralised exchanges for its survival. And they. No, you cannot use Coinbase without an SSN. The platform takes its legitimacy as a money transmitter and financial services provider very seriously and needs.
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  • why does coinbase need ssn
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  • why does coinbase need ssn
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Jordan Adams, with a rich background in Finance and Economics and specialized knowledge in blockchain, is a distinguished voice in the cryptocurrency community. Explore more on our blog! P2P-exchanges provide their users with the possibility of connecting to other users and then to exchange assets directly. Governments and exchanges require SSN verification to prevent criminal activities and ensure compliance with regulations.