D2 eth fortitude

d2 eth fortitude


Axe normal exceptional elite. Matriarchal Pike 2h dmg: 37 base, this is also a str: 89 dex: max sockets:.

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D2R Unique Items - The Reaper's Toll (Thresher)
What is the highest defense possible on an Ethereal Fortitude Armor? What base armor would be needed to reach the above defense? Fortitude. Archon Plate. 'ElSolDolLo'. Defense: Durability: 31 of Required Strength: Required Level: I have two armor bases for a potential Fortitude for my mercenary: 1. Loricated Mail Ethereal Defense: Req level: Req Strength: .
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Chaap 14 years ago 4. Post reply Reply to this topic. The introduction I play the game relatively casually, and will probably never have a character above level 93, the same goes for the level of my mercenary.