Questions to ask when considering blockchain solutions

questions to ask when considering blockchain solutions

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Top 10 Interview Questions Blockchain Developers Must Know
Ask about the track record of their development. You can ask for previous examples and how they relate to your use case or industry. Are You Familiar With The. 10 Questions To Ask Before You Use Blockchain � 1. Is immutability needed for the proposed use case? � 2. Might you have a need to remove a record. What's your use case for blockchain or distributed ledger technology? � What chain should you use? � Are you looking for a centralized or.
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Understand how to deploy, test, and interact with smart contracts, as well as common patterns and security practices. This is a perfect testing environment. All of this is becoming increasingly varied and complex as new consensus protocols are still being developed. Some other factors you will have to consider include: How far apart are your nodes and clients?